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Instructions for taking the Course
The process is simple. Just follow these steps in order as they appear in the menu. A check mark will appear after you have completed each step.

Step 1: Register
This is for new customers to help us identify you. If you have used our service previously, use the Login option. After you have successfully registered, we will email you a confirmation.

Step 2: Review the Learning Objectives
This page gives you a snapshot of the concepts you are expected to learning after taking this course.

Step 3: View the Video
The video portion of the training takes about 25 minutes comprising 6 segments. If you can't complete all six, you will need to come back and view them again. Each segment is followed by a brief review question. It is important to remember, the videos do not tell you everything you need to know about food safety. You are free to come back and view the videos as often as needed.

Step 4: Review Study Materials
The Study Materials are a more comprehensive resource for food handlers and should be reviewed after watching the video portion of the course. There are three versions of the Study Materials, an HTML, a Flash and a PDF. The HTML version allows you to use the translation tool for the non-English speaking.

Step 5: Take the Test
The Test is designed to assess your understanding of essential food safety concepts. It comprises 20 questions. A passing score is 80% correct. If you do not pass the test, you can review the Study Materials and then re-take the test as many times as required.

Step 6: Pay the Course Fee
The Fee for the Basic Food Handler's Course is $10. You are allowed to use the Videos, Study Materials & Testing free of charge subject to this site's Terms of Use. All payment must be by credit card.

Step 7: Print your Certificate, Card & Picture ID Badge
Once you have completed the test and paid the fee, you will have access to the printing functions for Certificates, Cards, and Picture ID Badges. The function uses a pop-up window. If a window does not appear, you are probably using a pop-up blocker that will need to be disabled first.
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