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1. When you have a fever and runny nose:

Correct Response: Talk with the manager about your symptoms

2. The preparation cook tells the manager that he has diarrhea, the manager should put the cook:

Correct Response: On sick leave and send him home

3. The temperature of refrigeration units, salad bars and other cold items must be kept at ____ or colder:

Correct Response: 41°F (5°C)

4. Before touching ready-to-eat food with your hands, you must:

Correct Response: Wash your hands with soap and warm water

5. What should you know about germs that are already in the food?:

Correct Response: Germ growth is controlled with food temperatures

6. The required minimum cooking temperature for ground beef is 155°F (68°C). Why must ground beef be cooked to this temperature?

Correct Response: This temperature kills germs that may be in the meat

7. You finished cutting raw meat on a cutting board. The cooked potatoes for the salad need to be cut. Before cutting the potatoes, you should:

Correct Response: Wash, rinse and sanitize the board and knife

8. Food handlers can contaminate food when they:

Correct Response: Have infected wounds or injuries

9. If a food handler decides to wear disposable gloves:

Correct Response: Hands must be properly washed before putting on new gloves

10. Which of the following is most likely to cause foodborne illness?

Correct Response: Cleaning dirty dishes and then immediately preparing salad

11. Which of the following best describes three of the known causes of foodborne illness?

Correct Response: Poor handwashing; food contamination; and lack of temperature control

12. Foodborne illness can have various symptoms including

Correct Response: Diarrhea and vomiting

13. The most important reason to properly wash and sanitize a cutting board is to:

Correct Response: Prevent contamination from one food to another food

14. Using a hand sanitizer only helps with food safety after you:

Correct Response: Wash hands

15. If there are any doubts about the safety of a food product, you should:

Correct Response: Discard the food

16. The manager's most important food safety responsibility is training you to:

Correct Response: Report to the manager when you are sick

17. The manager is responsible for training you about food safety in your job duties. These duties include preventing foodborne illness by:

Correct Response: Storing food in a manner to prevent contamination

18. Food temperatures in hot holding units must be kept at _____ or hotter:

Correct Response: 135F (57C)

19. The chef is handling raw sausage and then touching cooked pancakes:

Correct Response: Raw sausage from his hands can contaminate the pancakes

20. When must you call your manager about your health? When you:

Correct Response: Have dark tea colored urine and yellowing skin

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