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Statement of Trademark Status

Lane County has established trademarks for orfoodhandlers.comTM and orFoodhandlers.comTM, and orfoodhandlersTM based upon the work undertaken by its Public Health Division in developing and launching a website under those names in July, 2007.

These Trademarked words provide name recognition for the County’s on-line foodhandler training and testing services. The County developed these trademarks, and the tag line: “Food Safety is the most important thing I serve?” in order to promote consistent and effective food safety training that is easily accessible to all Oregonians.

The Trademarked words and tag line may be viewed at: https://www.orfoodhandlers.com/eMain.aspx?State=OREGON

Lane County is committed to the promotion of the health and wellbeing of all County and State residents and encourages food handlers to utilize this Trademarked website to obtain or renew their foodhandling certification.

*These standards are in accordance with all provision of ORS 624.
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